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15 November 2012

Every person has the ability to draw, paint, sing, dance, play music or act, and all that do not have limits and standard rules for all abilities is both physical sense. Except if all these capabilities have become an important part to meet aside from himself.

Never hesitant and afraid to act on those feelings and experiences of any kind, such as expressing fantasies into an image, into a painting, a song, became a dance, into a musical or into a role.

551597_Abstract ArtOf the many capabilities of the human being is certainly not all of it can be optimized by everyone, how long a person can survive in situations when I have to be patient, careful and thorough is an important factor that can initiate a person finds something as long as it is desirable, very desirable, very able make it convenient, it can give satisfaction.
In this stage, it means someone has to be in circumstances that everyone wanted, but not all people can reach it, the reason is because the level of persistence, patience and thoroughness of each person are different from each other.

All people have the will to draw, but not necessarily willing to endure for a long time, so it will get a little more experience and learning.

While someone who is willing to draw and keep trying over and over again for a long time, it will get more experience and learning, trying and learning experience will lack, common study and also learn something more.
In this stage would invite anyone to become a Passive or Active.
Situation inquisitive mind and "curious" then try and never give up, has unwittingly put him a higher level.

Learning the habit of always using the concept before realizing the sense of being a work of painting or drawing or whatever, it does not directly have educated become more organized and systematic. Rules and Systematic always involved for each design. Meanwhile, a work created from the design will look balanced on all aspects involved, balance of design composition, balance combination of design and balance of flavor design.

The design has a very wide range even infinite. The design can be in the form of pictures or whatever. Design has always priority on the whole, put the left and right, center, top and bottom, giving priority standpoint, put all sorts of flavors, rhythm, and movement, always prioritizes design tastes, prioritizing events, circumstances and conditions.

Designers do not just make a painting to hang on the wall, but also put the surrounding circumstances, such as how the walls, furniture and also shades available.

A designer is not just painting or drawing only, but also prioritize function and purpose.

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Whatever our contribution, it will be very valuable,
for me and also for you, therefore, do not ever hesitate to do so, because life is an experiment, more and more trying to mean is a change towards a more just and good.And we will never know and understand before we do. Truly a "failure" is "science" a new science that we do not understand. Profit and Loss are the rest.

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