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01 November 2012

Flowers Painting Textile Design With a Wet Transfer Technique

Flowers Painting Textile Design With a Wet Transfer Technique
It is Design With a Wet Transfer Technique, we first have to create a design on glass or other similar materials. Before making the design, we have to a concept that we have considered before, due to the type of character design like this we have to compete with the air temperature in the room where we work.
The point is that the effect of wet color that we pour on the glass can be more stick and move onto the fabric surface.

But there are still other options for a more relaxing work, the way is to let all the existing colors on the surface of the glass to dry, and instead we have to wet the cloth that serves to dilute the color dries, and for maximum results you should have a friend that helps to attach the fabric is that the fabric does not fold when attached.

Furthermore, given the pressure on the entire surface of the fabric, but carefully place the first layer of paper or plastic on them so that the color is not broken when to apply pressure.

 edpeny Art design|Bandung|West Java|2012 - Design With a Wet Transfer Technique

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