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Welcome to edpeny Art design

Fantasy art and ideas that come not feel very powerful unstoppable sometimes used to come to make something new, but satisfying, it makes us comfortable in a long time to survive in this profession. We realize this is a gift from God, as a guide and ease to live well.

   Through this blog we introduced edpeny. edpeny studio founded in 2000, 
and has granted privileges an are eligible for public. Located in Bandung West Java Indonesia. edpeny cooperate with many freelance designers are always doing all sorts of wonderful things for the people of Indonesia and abroad. We hope to be able to contribute positively to anyone. Therefore, thank you for the visit and the feedback you provide to Us. 

 Edi Saksono
Art Director
Ph : +6281224500796

Slamet Sugiarto
Ph : 082117973212


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Whatever our contribution, it will be very valuable,
for me and also for you, therefore, do not ever hesitate to do so, because life is an experiment, more and more trying to mean is a change towards a more just and good.And we will never know and understand before we do. Truly a "failure" is "science" a new science that we do not understand. Profit and Loss are the rest.

Best Regards


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