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29 June 2011


Textile design career has always made ​​me think to continue to produce designs good quality, turnaround fashion trend in the world still looks energetic, senior designer more intense and skillful, newcomers while always appears with his more recent and fresh.
But on the other side is actually quite a lot of people who have a profession as a designer but do not know much about how the growth of textile design internationally.
Therefore, I hope this info will be useful for anyone with a profession as a textile designer or also for those of you who are serious in textile design activity, whether you are a buyer or merchant textile products, especially TEXTILE AND SURFACE DESIGN.

When talking about the textile designs are very interesting, but not everyone knows much about the TEXTILE AND SURFACE DESIGN.? silk painting? handmade textile painting? t-shirt painting. and how the process of their manufacture? how to sell ?
and where to sell it?
Lots of names or terms used for this product, but more commonly we often hear is textile design, the conclusion of this product can be called more briefly, namely: “textile design”, design is made in three ways.
1. crafts.
2. Digital Computer.
3. Combined two ways, crafts and digital computers.
1. Crafts:
crafts has many ways:
- Painting.
- Patch work.
- Transfer Print.
- Tie dye.
- Canting Batik.
- Embroidery

Each design has varying size, 30cm x 40 cm,50cm x 75cm,60cm x 90cm
up to 115cm x 300cm, there is no mandatory provision size in use, therefore it is still adjusting to the size requested by the consumer.

1. Plain fabrics are in rolls.
2. Cut fabric to size frame.
3. Place the fabric on the frame.
Glue around the edges by using a tack cloth to stretch, at this stage we begin to paint.
4. Painting process is complete.
5. Once the painting is finished and then use a thick paper clip to clamp the fabric that will serve as a handle or a label and a product ready for market.

Type of fabric used: silk, cotton, polyester, poly rayon, etc..
Design is made as an original idea that will be needed before the textile industry continued to the process of printing large quantities of used printing machines such as:

-Rotary screen-Print
-Flat-screen Print or
-Digital print.


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