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18 July 2011

Art Unlimited.

God gives the privilege to humans than other creatures,
a mind, feelings, psychological, mental, spiritual, social skills.
Creative human beings who never want to stop to work can add to the rich source of inspiration tends to awaken the mind that had fallen asleep to get up and deliver positive benefits for the world.

There is no reason for anyone that he was not able to create works of art. The only difference is in the form of work in the manifest, there is no right and wrong provision of a work of art, however it is the original out of the very basic human nature.
The artwork does not have to be processed using a common raw material used, such as paint, canvas, brushes, frames, pencil, ink, paper, cloth or other material that is often synonymous to the world of art.

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Whatever our contribution, it will be very valuable,
for me and also for you, therefore, do not ever hesitate to do so, because life is an experiment, more and more trying to mean is a change towards a more just and good.And we will never know and understand before we do. Truly a "failure" is "science" a new science that we do not understand. Profit and Loss are the rest.

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