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25 February 2012

Working in art and design like no end, embody the imagination and the idea of art we have into a lot of media: fabric, paper, glass, plastic, wood, stone, etc., which functioned to various needs, such as textile, fashion, accessories, interior , to advertising, using a combination of various techniques: painting, mixed media and digital products that can enrich the collection, such as:
surface textile design, textile painting, silk painting,fabric painting scraft, tablecloths, sheets, hoods, gowns, shawls, shirts, shoes, bags and others.
We must realize is so abundant natural resources we have,
that we can not restrict to just one space and range, inspiration and ideas come whatever, we should always try to translate the art into the form of design artwork that can be enjoyed and consumed by the public.
If you already have the ability to master the art of the original and fundamental, I am optimistic that any form of art and design is not difficult for us to do.
Not something is wrong if we want to open minds and views by finding the source of inspiration and ideas from outsiders. 

As we know any art form will always inspire each other.

 Art, bed cover, DESIGN, fabric painting, gowns, scraft, sheets, shirt, SILK PAINTING, swimwear, TEXTILE DESIGN, textile painting

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Whatever our contribution, it will be very valuable,
for me and also for you, therefore, do not ever hesitate to do so, because life is an experiment, more and more trying to mean is a change towards a more just and good.And we will never know and understand before we do. Truly a "failure" is "science" a new science that we do not understand. Profit and Loss are the rest.

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