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28 October 2012

Development of textile art and explore the potential not only in the art of woven fiber fabrics.
But it must also
explore for textile art design on the surface of the fabric.
The art of surface textile fabric design can be made in various ways, such as by printing
machines or painting .
Image objects are often used on the fabric surface design textile art is floral or botanical, geometric, animal skins, Decorative or ethnicity.

If the object to be used to create textile design is just like the image above,So.. design what can we do if there is an object just like the picture above, just a rounded oval shape, no pictures of flowers, no pictures of leaves, no pictures ornament, no decorative picture or ethnic images.
The form that we see above is the basic form of the original and comes from a point which has been the source of early forms for all the images that exist in the world, but it is still often overlooked, because we need to know that the point could still be used as a source of artwork spectacular, it still can create works of art that are more modern and minimalist, before we have to bother thinking about other things more complicated and takes longer.

Before starting to make the design by using only one form of the above, what would we think of the first time with such a form. Occurred to something simple before we think complicated and difficult. think about how to make the design more quickly without having to use the elements of relief.

Exploring art does not mean we have to create new art to mobilize all the expertise that we have to run out and eventually found a dead end, but in my opinion is we need evaluation, introspection, interpretation, and then - Purpose.

Evaluation of what we have created so far.
Introspection how our capacity
of taste,vision good  and comfortable
So, What is our

See the example design below, the original form is still only the size of the change and have not made changes to the rotation. 

Exploring Textile Arts

These designs include a product ready for sale, we can certainly count our gains would be if it had been given a lot of changes and also help to make it perform better than the example that we see, as added by using the effects in the background, rotation, color and exploration of composition or combination, because it means we can still make a simple product that costs less but has selling easier and higher, so that we can measure and regulate the sale price and the regular work process and control. 
If you need guidance more clearly,
take time to read the book below.   Exploring Textile Arts

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