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02 October 2013

A designer should be able to understand what is desired by the consumer , the consumer demand is often difficult to understand . Differences in the appreciation and interpretation of art and design is a problem that needs to be completed right away if you are a freelance designer who can design more based on orders from consumers .

Top quality art and design in general should look aesthetically pleasing , is not art if it does not look aesthetically pleasing . However, a design is not enough just to be aesthetically pleasing , there are many other elements that must be included into the design . If we are able to create a design with a more general aesthetic quality , the next step is we are required to be split between your interpretation with the interpretation of consumer owned .

Below are some tips that we can try that design that we created is closer to what is desired by the consumer

1 . Ask for detailed design specifications desired by consumers , ranging from design colors , size design , character design , design shades until the desired design aspects .
2 . Make it interactive communication with consumers through all available communication media , such as SMS , phone , email or chat . If it is not possible to be able to meet in person due to the distance , the better way is to use all these facilities , because each has a different function .
3 . Feel free to ask questions to consumers about product functions , product application plan , the plan target market , and also ask anyone who will use the product , will the product be stored anywhere .
4 . If all detail design specifications have been collected , we have learned, and we have also started to design , the next step is our first show in the form of the initial concept design sketch , this step aims so consumers can learn and predict how the next stage of the process we will do , so that the time , cost and effort that we use will be more effective .
5 . Ask your customers to make a deal on draft proposals that have been submitted , this method aims to during the process of design can run smoothly and reduce interference by the unexpected demand and sudden .

Five tips above may be a solution of every problem that often arises when a partnership between us and consumers must come to an end without a cause we know clearly .

Besides the designer must be able to act wisely because sometimes serving interpretation of art design that used to be balanced , but often we have to completely follow what the customer wanted .

Art design basis of assessment used by consumers are usually not only based on fantasy and personal desires , but also based on the results of the market analysis and the capacity of its ability to process the product . The basis of this assessment makes sense because the expected product created can be sold and can support long-term business viability .

In contrast to the assessment base used by a designer , who rely more on fantasy and expertise each make design . Sometimes products are created much more affected by emotions and personal desires alone . The assessment base is also still makes sense , because the designer is a profession that has a special duty to be optimal in exploring imagination , appreciation and interpretation of art to be implemented into many audio or visual media and various forms of other products .

High-quality seed products can be created when both the assessment method used alongside each other ,
so will create a collaborative concept unique formula , fresh , new and exclusive .

Article About 5 steps to establish cooperation between designers and consumers by edpeny

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