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18 April 2014

Textile Pigment Colors

In addition Reactive Dyes , there are also other dyes are also used for the fabric , the dye is called Pigment , Pigment dye is insoluble by all kinds of solvents . Pigment dyes have no affinity for all kinds of fibers . When used for textiles , dyes Pigment require a binding agent that helps the binding of the dye to the fiber . The binder used is an emulsion ( a mixture of emulsifiers , water and kerosene ) were mixed with high rotation . The dye pigments are widely used for screen printing or print screen printing , t-shirt Painting , Design Painting , however, is not fit for use for dyeing . Examples of trade names pigment dyes :
1 . Acram in ( Bayer )
2 . Helizarin ( BASF )
3 . Sandye ( ( Sanyo ) Pristofix ( Sandoz )
4 . Alcilan ( I.C.I ) .

The dye indigosol

The dye is Indigosol or vessel After the erosion resistance of the dye well , flat and bright colored . The dye can be used in dyeing and painting . Colors may arise after Sodium Nitrite and raised with acid / sulfuric acid or acid fluoride . Indigosol color types include:
Indigosol Yellow
Indigosol Green IB
Indigosol Yellow JGK
Indigosol  Blue 0 4 B
Indigosol Orange HR
Indigosol Grey IBL
Indigosol Pink  IR
Indigosol Brown IBR
Indigosol Violet ARR
Indigosol Brown IRRD
Indigosol Violet 2R Indigosol Violet IBBF

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