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29 March 2012

A year ago I built a small design studio, specialized for textile products design.Studio stands initiated from the interest and enthusiastic neighbors and those who have around the house, was at first in myself the question arises, whether this will go smoothly ..? because they all are keen to participate to learn to create textile designs do not have basic knowledge about the art of textile design. Without much thought I invited them all to join and once involved into the production process. In the first week can still be understandable, the stage of introduction and training we do together, using the time more than hours of work, imparting knowledge about the art of textile design, about the motives used to textile design, equipment used for textile design, such as dyes, fabric , brushes, frames, canting, wax, liquid boosters, thickeners, and also guide the manufacture of textile design from start to finish. During the first and second week of work in the studio situation was like a school, but entered the third week they make the work of textile art design that makes me happy, I see lots of new characters out of the design they created. To rate their level of experience, the design as it has been a remarkable development. This event is a very valuable experience, change the mindset that art and design belongs to everyone, only to realize all it takes patience, understanding, perseverance, hard work and enough time. I attach also the results of their design ....Nice..!!

Designer Mr.Yana

Designer Mr.Dioz

Designer Mr.Dioz

edpeny art design , Bandung-Jawa barat, Indonesia 2012 


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Whatever our contribution, it will be very valuable,
for me and also for you, therefore, do not ever hesitate to do so, because life is an experiment, more and more trying to mean is a change towards a more just and good.And we will never know and understand before we do. Truly a "failure" is "science" a new science that we do not understand. Profit and Loss are the rest.

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