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14 April 2012

Since the first I used to work on small-sized textile design ranging from 30cm x 50cm up to 60cm x 150cm size. Adventure art design that I experienced a few months ago gave me many new experiences, I painted fabrics for textile design is always a small or normal sized, but now I make textile design at the top surface of the fabric that is larger than before. Cotton fabric 250cm x 270cm size plain white was there in front of me, a new challenge for me, stimulate the mind, requires imagination and creativity more than usual.
This work originated from a businessman who had come to the house as he tells the wishes and plans, some pieces of cotton cloth, compressor, paintbrush, brushes, dyes, and other equipment are also brought to my house.
All he wants is a set of bed linen painting, how he was entrusted entirely to me, he says ... ".. whatever...The most important thing .. any way i saw a set of sheets that have been painted using your character ... " Those words made me feel that this is the latest adventure of my long career in art design.
Textile arts fantasy that I used was applied to the shape and larger size, not only that, all other equipment should be more.
Then, if the larger size of the activity will become more hectic and busy, of course not ... because I use a much simpler and faster, but with results that can satisfy the design. 

Below are pictures I was standing in front of the textile design I mentioned above, hand painted linen mixed with airbrush techniques.

Introduce myself to you all
who have never seen my real face...    
 I'm in studio art design edpeny, Bandung - Indonesia 2012

adventure art design, airbrush, bed cover, TEXTILE DESIGN, textile painting

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