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28 May 2012

Bandung -West Java - Indonesia is a region that is widely used to establish a Textile industry, regional Economic growth more affected than the growth of the existing Textile industry. With so many companies in the Textile industry deals involve many sectors directly related businesses in it.
In the Bandung area there are more than 300 textile companies spread across the three regions,

In the Bandung area there are more than 300 textile companies 
spread across the three regions,

1. the east (along the way Cileunyi-Cicalengka),
2. the central region (along the way Mohammad Toha-Dayeuhkolot-Majalaya),
3. western region (around Nanjung and Padalarang). In the city of Cimahi,

textile industry is concentrated around Leuwigajah.
fuel boiler that is used for textile industry
-fuel oil (diesel or residual)
-fuel-coal as a fuel in boilers.

Based on data obtained from the Indonesian Textile Association (API) Bandung,

1. In 2003
     in the Bandung area
   -18 Companies have used 274 163 tonnes of coal.
2. In 2004,
    increased by
   -20 Textile company that uses coal as fuel for boilers.
3. In June 2004 reached 245 364 tonnes.

7 companies coal users at most.
PT. Kahatex, 
PT. Panasia Filamen Inti, 
PT. Ayoe Taihotex, 
PT. Bintang Agung, 
PT. Central Georgete Nusantara, 
PT. Trisulatex.

For additional information, below are the 40 names of textile company located in Bandung.

Jl Dayang Sumbi 4 & 6 BANDUNG

Jl Moh Toha Km 61/147 BANDUNG

Jl Raya Dayeuhkolot 33 BANDUNG

Jl Jend Sudirman 823 BANDUNG

Jl Ciumbuleuit 84 BANDUNG

Jl Moh Toha Km 7,3/307 BANDUNG7

PT.Delami Garment Industries
Jl Soekarno Hatta 571 BANDUNG

PT. Dewa Sutratex
Jl Cibaligo 76 RT 008/08 BANDUNG

PT. Embee Plumbon Tekstil Bandung
Jl Dr Setiabudi 146-F BANDUNG

PT. Erba Fashion Indonesia
Jl Jend A Yani 922 BANDUNG

PT. Ethnic
Jl Terusan Buahbatu 154 BANDUNG

PT. Fit-u Garments Industry
Jl Moh Toha Km 7,3/215 BANDUNG

PT. Fuji Palapa Textile Industries
Jl Asia Afrika 150 BANDUNG

PT. Grace Hill Garment Indonesia
Kp Pasawahan RT 005/11 BANDUNG

PT. Gracia Indo Garment
Jl Siliwangi 47 BANDUNG

PT. Hakatex
Jl Moh Toha Km 5,6 BANDUNG

PT. Ihchi Textile Mills & Machinery
Jl Cibaligo 149-A BANDUNG

PT. Inti Gunawantex
Jl Citepus 89 BANDUNG

PT. Intratex
Jl Industri II 4 BANDUNG

PT. Kahatex
Jl Cijerah-Cigondewah Bl Suci/16 BANDUNG

PT. Kayamatex
Jl Perintis Kemerdekaan 10 BANDUNG

CV. Kencana Hegar Textile Industries
Jl Cibaligo Km 1,8/80 BANDUNG

Komar Batik
Jl Cibeunying Permai V 20 BANDUNG

PT. Korin Garmentama
Jl Leuwigajah 110 BANDUNG

PT. Langsung Mulus Textile Mills
Jl Jend Sudirman 595-601 BANDUNG

PT. Leading Garment Industries
Jl Mengger 97 BANDUNG

PT. Leuwijaya Utama Textile
Jl Cibaligo Km 1,75/72 BANDUNG

PT. Lusantex
Jl Moh Toha Km 7/110 BANDUNG

PT. Naintex
Jl Cimuncang 21-D BANDUNG

PT. Ogivano Garment Industry
Jl Pasar Lama 83 BANDUNG

PT. Aartex Global
Jl Gegerkalong Tonggoh III 15 BANDUNG

Abadi Asesoris
Jl Ibu Karees 270-C BANDUNG

PT. Agansa Group
Jl Setramurni Tgh IV 27 BANDUNG

PT. Aitol Indonesia
Ruko Kopo Mas Regency Bl LL/88 BANDUNG

PT. Albisandang Utama Indonesia
Jl Industri IV 3 BANDUNG

PT. Alena Textile Industries
Jl Moh Toha Km 61/147 BANDUNG

PT. All Win
Jl Kopo 61-D BANDUNG

PT. Altaeka Mandiri
Jl Batu Nunggal Indah 159 BANDUNG

Aneka Textile
Kompl Kopo Mas Regency Bl N/11 A BANDUNG

PT. Antelas
Jl Cibaligo 88 BANDUNG

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