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28 May 2012

PT.Ever Shinetex,  location Bogor. 76.000 meters / year

PT.Dan Liris,location  Solo .65.536 meters / year

PT.Sari Warna Asli Textile Industry, location Boyolali .61.224 meters / year

PT.Primatexco, location Batang. 57.146 meters / year

PT.Sandratex, location Jakarta. 51.795 meters / year

PT.Argo Pantes, location Tangerang .49.578 meters / year

PT.Patal Karawang location Karawang .48.021 meters / year

PT.Daya Manunggal, location Salatiga .45.711 meters / year

PT.Indonesia Taroko Textile Corp, location Purwakarta. 45.282 meters / year

PT.Bintang Agung, location Bandung .40.558 meters / year

PT.Alladintex Abadi, location Solo .38.116 meters / year

PT.Adetex, location Bandung .36.721 meters / year

PT.Fuji Palapa Textile, location Bandung. 35.913 meters / year

PT.Kahatex, location Bandung .30.739 meters / year

PT.Duniatex, location Solo.28.587 meters / year

PT.Samitex Sewon, location Yogyakarta .28.587 meters / year

PT.Easterntex, location Pasuruan .28.582 meters / year

PT.Nasa Texindo Pura, location Bandung. 25.728 meters / year

PT.Mulyatex, location Kudus .24.775 meters / year

PT.Alenatex, location Bandung .23.602 meters / year

PT.Century Textile Industry, location Jakarta. 23.499 meters / year

PT.Sri Rejeki Isman Textile, location Solo .27.853 meters / year

PT.Apac Centertex, II, location Semarang. 23.327 meters / year

PT.Suburtex, location Solo .33.352 meters / year

PT.Sukuntex, location Kudus .22.870 meters / year

PT.Sinar Pusaka, location Bandung. 22.437 meters / year

PT.Hadtex Indosyntec, location Bandung. 22.298 meters / year

PT.Pusaka Buana Raya, location Bekasi. 22.031 meters / year

PT.Indatex Palur, location Solo .20.964 meters / year

PT.Ramatex, location Bandung. 20.167 meters / year

PT.Roda Vivatex, location Bogor .19.884 meters / year

GKBI (Medari) location yogyakarta .19.058 meters / year

PT.Saritex Jaya Swasti, location Batang .18.353 meters / year

PT.Indosuntex, location Bandung .18.343 meters / year

PT.Apac Centertex I, location Semarang .17.867 meters / year

PT.Texmaco Jaya, location Kendal/Karawang .42.738 meters / year

PT.Panasia Filament Inti, location Bandung. 17.838 meters / year

PT.BSTM, location Bandung .17.162 meters / year

PT.Pesona Busana, location Bandung .17.152 meters / year

PT.Primissima, location Yogyakarta. 17.000 meters / year

CV.Suritex, location Bandung. 16.809 meters / year

PT.Kusumahadi Sentosa, location Solo. 16.77 meters / year

PT.Ratona, location Bogor. 16.447 meters / year

PT.Tyfountex Indonesia, location Sukoharjo 21.612 meters / year


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