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01 June 2012

Wandering in the nature of mind to make such fantasy is endless, always stimulating to think and look for the highest results, what else can be giving out the views and feelings of satisfaction. art sometimes does not want to anyone, art sometimes does not want to hear, art sometimes find the door wide to the stretch of uninhabited. Even so art has always asked for honesty and totality, perfection of movement and a flood of feelings,exploration of the senses and emotions through the body, jumping without a doubt, hit full force, the consistency to that instinct, then obtaining learn to recognize the results of his actions are responsible.

Such actions are not fairbut it's realnot for doing work that is not goodbut learning to let go of the influenceimpact assessment and a culture that does not give instruction tobe creative.

Watercolor is a beautiful work of art that is more likely to provide the freedom of moving watera designer who used to do this would be able to gauge when he had to stop and when he had to start again.
Quality of vision and feelings must immediately issue a decision yes or no.

In France in named aquarelle In America called WatercolorWater color is the art of paintingWatercolor is a medium or works of art produced from the aesthetics of paint pigment or water-soluble reactiveWatercolors complement the paperor canvasWatercolor and usually has a strong distinctive character, the result of a combination of water and paint often bring the look and feel of art that is relatively pure and always visible gradation effects of water motion.
The specialty of the water that is able to create a small margin, the original soft and natural.
That part is very difficult to make exactly the same in humans
edpeny art Watercolor

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