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28 May 2012

Use Wisely fabrics, for example: if the available width of the fabric is 110 cm, with a long piece of
fabric 50cm and 110 cm wide fabric is cut into three pieces, so That can be in 3 pieces of fabric to the size of each fabric is a 36cm x 50cm, in this way will not be much fabric is wasted.Know the type of character fabric, whether it's fabric paint to make-more rapid spread or the character of the fabric can make a color stay in the desired form, but this is not a problem if we can manage any deployment that color a beautiful form of expression and experience.At this step many techniques found, whose function is as a barrier to the spread of paint, that is giving a hot liquid wax to all or part of the fabric, then you Subtract That after the wax by heating iron but before another layer using the top and bottom fabric with a paper that has a high absorption, as we do after finishing with iron clothes, change the paper that has a lot to absorb the wax with a new paper, keep going until soft cloth.To help the color into the pores, mix the color with a liquid alcohol before use.

Dye,Paint Color
Prepare the primary colors, red, yellow, blue and black, but if you're going to the make designs on fabric, dark or black color would be available

white paint.To avoid wasted paint too, you should prepare a mixture of colors as needed according to the size of the design, if still remaining, save the color to the dark-colored plastic containers are not transparent to the light, easy to dye hardened this step is very important to do, so that in time more than 24 hours of color can still be used.

for a textile designer or a painter's canvas brushes is Important to know the characters,

especially on the brush bristles, brushes with soft bristles are Suitable used a lot of work to design using a mixture of water (water color dyes are used, techniques of Working in call Aquarell), the softness of the fur brushes brushes will determine the movement of color when poured onto the cloth, but it brushes against water absorption should be enough, we can try it by looking at the end of the brushes, brushes that will remain either in a state of pointy when the fluid moves into the fabric, Brush is traditionally made ​​of black hair and red hair came from tiny creatures expensive.Since the first artists have chosen the best material for this one tool, for them it's like a weapon. And through research has determined That the best watercolor brushes are made of the existing hair at the end of the winter coat of red fur Russian sable. These feathers have the ability to withstand the load of paint and maintain the point of flexibility, sharpness, and durable, the which always pointed back Remains.
sable is very expensive. To Import / export is still in international regulations coming into force and strict control. If the painting as a profession is best to take care of brushes.Do not get too long to soak the brush into the water for a long time if the brushes are not difficult to come back in good condition.
Do not let the paint Drying permanent and insoluble, wash after every use, the buildup of paint left in the hair can alter the effectiveness of the brush to paint the water.

If you work for has a more open space, to dry wet the design uses the sun's heat is a wise action, used to create some concepts before working the way it's not a difficult, thing to do, for example, if the four designs That We Make of course we will have 4 the concept of Preparing a perfect (have a sample of late) so we do not have to use a lot of time just to dry one design, but we can do the job to design the two while waiting for the first design under the hot and dry in the sun, how do similar to the design to 4.In this way you will be more effective time and cost of electricity Becomes cheaper.
Drying above can be done also when we make a flower picture,
let alone images of dried flowers, while Keep drawing new flowers in the other area.

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