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22 September 2012

 Ikat Weaving
Many ways in which to make textile fabrics appear to be more interesting and varied, as we usually know the techniques of textile design is a way of painting using a brush manually or by drawing with the Computer Aid Design - CAD, which is then processed again through the stages of printing using the machine rotary printing or printing Flat Plate, but for ikat weaving textile technique design is very different in the manufacturing process, as it uses a very unique and traditional.
In Indonesia handicraft weaving like the example shown above is called Ikat Weaving also ATBM - Alat Tenun Bukan Mesin (Not Weaving Machine Tools). Ikat weaving ATBM are made by hand without the help of modern machines such as mills, therefore this time is very long weaving craftsmanship since it requires many stages and workflow.
To create a sheet of fabric woven with a simple motif takes one month. Starting the process of separating cotton from seed, then rolled into a cotton roll cotton. After that just spun into yarn. When spun cotton yarns should not be interrupted at all.
The next process, the yarn is arranged on wooden spikes attached. Then tied with leaves gebang (like pandan leaves). Once the motif is completed, then the weaving process begins. In the past, using up to two weeks.
Such processes are carried Sikka weaving fabrics of the original Flores always use natural dyes such as leaves and roots of Morinda citrifolia (red), or leaf juice to bring out the blue color. Staining repeated Sikka weaving to produce a distinctive color.
Ikat weaving is a traditional Indonesian handicrafts such as fabric woven from strands of weft or warp threads that were previously tied up then dipped in natural dyes without using the aid of a loom.Before weave, strands of yarn wrapped (tied) with a plastic rope in accordance with a pattern or decorative pattern desired. When dyed, the threads are tied with plastic rope will not be stained. Double ikat is made of weft and warp yarns which are both already given binding motif of the technique before it dipped into the dye, ikat technique work almost as much as how to make a tie-dyed or tie-dye for fabrics or garments such as T-shirts, shirts, scarves and other textile products
Likewise Weaving belts can be sewn to clothing and fashion, such as upholstery mebeul, or interior decorator, is used looms loom machines ..
Ikat weaving techniques we find in many different regions of the State of Indonesia. Regions in Indonesia, which is famous for ikat fabrics include: Toraja, Sintang, Jepara, Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores and Timor. Gringsing cloth from Tenganan, Karangasem Bali is the only fabric in Indonesia are made from double ikat technique.

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