25 September 2012

Textile Designs
Until now very much we get about the meaning of art, because art is synonymous with imagination, fantasy nature of mind, appreciation, feelings and emotions of a person's psyche, therefore everyone will have a different understanding of defining art. art is closely associated with the work of art, while art is an object or artifact that can be seen, heard, felt or seen and heard at the same time (visual, audio, and audio-visual), such as painting, music, theater. By definition the word art beyond art because art is a "value". one can say that he saw beautiful art, but not necessarily beautiful when seen by others, or vice versa.

Below are a few definitions / understanding of art by some art experts, among others:

1. Clive Bell, a philosopher of art 'modern classic' is famous for his book "Art" (1913), argues that art is a 'significant form (form meaningful)'.

2. LeoTolstoi (1828-1910), a Russian writer berbendapat that art is the expression of feeling the artist who passed on to others so they can feel what is felt by the artist.

3. Susanne K Langer, American philosopher of art argues that art has three principles, namely expression, creativity and art form. The art work is a form of expression that was created for our perception through the senses, and imaging, and human feelings are expressed. Definition of 'feeling' here in a broad sense is something that can be perceived, physical sensations, pain and joy, passion and serenity, mind pressure, complex emotions associated with human life.

Then how it relates to the art of textile design, of course, essentially the basic concept used is the same, only different in terms, such as: media, purpose, function, and scope.
Textile art design can reach the whole thing about the textiles that require the appearance and taste of textile art that can be seen to be beautiful, fun, awesome, great, not boring and varied, all the things that are in the textile and need to be given or performed action design arts course will be a textile product that can touch the emotional side everyone who saw it. Therefore now is the art of textile design is not just as a place to express their artistic media into the fabric alone but has become an important part of the strategy in the world textile market has even become a barometer for the development of the world textile and fashion trends.

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