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20 October 2013

Do not waste your collection of old design , because it is basically design trends always have turnover. 
Your design is old may not be in accordance with the fashion trends this year, but I am sure you will design according to the fashion trend next year .
Basically the design is still the same, the difference in each year is because seasonal changes, which will affect the color change, aspects, nuances, until reaching a sign of textile and fashion trends change at that time .

In this post I make a comparison, based on the reviews that I took from the newsletter Printsource New York Post Thursday, October 3, 2013, in my email.

Patterns go textural at the Milan shows 
as designers layer a variety of elements such as jewels, 
fur and rope for a three dimensional effect. 
MSGM brings florals to life using relief techniques,
 in addition to printing designs on top of peek-a-boo lace. Meanwhile, 
Marni and Prada create bedazzled sensations using beads, 
sequins and more. But,
 leave it to Prada to take it one step further with its graphic and colorful 
fur coats which will surely make a fashion statement come Spring.


This design will be a source of inspiration for other design,
Broadly speaking , this design displays relief dimensional effects almost in all regions,
But this still looks like an example design can we simplify again.

We should have a design that more use of lighting and shadow techniques. 
Look like the example below, the example below is a textile design from my collection of old, 

Following trends with old design, design before modify
edpeny design, Before

Following trends with old design, before design modify
edpeny design, After
I have followed the example of the trend of texture modification from Printsource New York.
See changes that occurred in the design once modified, here I add some leaf motif, and then I add also shadow each leaf motif can be seen that the effect of the dimensions.
Rag, sequins, lace and beads you can add just a little, like the flower pistil part or on the part of the motif on top.

This is a simple example Following trends with old design , that of a collection of old existing design turns out we can still adjust the texture trend patterns are now in progress.

Not only design with floral motifs, design with the other categories can also be modified, The important thing is the color composition is followed,
and aspects of the design can display dimensions relief texture effects are trends.

Just a simple example about How to Following trends with old design
I believe you can do it better. Good Luck.

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