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23 October 2013

Reactive Batik Textile Color silk organza
In the State of Indonesia , Organza silk fabric is more often used for Muslim clothing , like made ​​for fabric scarf, shawl , fabric for clothes or fashion accessories also for other equipment .

Silk Organza fabric designed for Muslim clothing with a wide variety , there are only dyed colors , there is a plus to painting and there is also the added with accessories such as sequins , beads , lace or embroidery stitches paste .

Organza silk fabrics , including fabrics made from natural fibers are fibers such as silk worm cocoons , the dye used to paint silk organza fabric is dye -based or commonly called batik colors .

Color of batik is a reactive textile dyes that can be used to dye batik fabrics . However, not all types of textile dyes can to make batik , batik fabric dyeing because sometimes done without heating . Those that are done in a way such as painted using a brush . Moreover reactive dyes can be used also for dyeing or printing .
Along with the development of business and fashion trends , many innovations are done in producing traditional fabric design . Now there are many techniques that are used to make traditional fabric design , not only by way of immersion / tie dye , batik canting and lorodan or cap , but there are other ways and techniques that have been widely used and considered to be more practical and economical . But the proceedings are procedurally still used because it is associated with a dye that has been formulated in such a special . Reactive colors can be used in cold temperatures temperatures , named Reactive Procion / procion MX , this dye has a high reaction when used at low temperatures .

Reactive dyes undergo very good reaction to silk organdy .

Some dye belonging to the reactive dye is :

Remazol ( Hoechst products ) Levafix ( Bayer products )
Procion ( product of ICI ) Drimarine ( Sandoz products )
Cibacron ( Ciba Geigy products ) Primazine ( BASF products )

Batik includes colors as natural dyes ( natural dyes ) , meaning that the dye is derived from nature / plants either directly or indirectly .
In order for natural dyes do not fade and can stick well , then before the coloring process must first be done mordanting process is the process of inserting metal elements into the fibers .After the coloring process 
( dyeing ) , To the end of the paint color that is more powerful then into fabric for batik colors have to go through the process of evaporation or steam or fixation process (strengthening color).

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