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19 October 2014

Many ways to make the fabric becomes more unique and exclusive, patterned fabrics with different colors will create a special attraction. Below are some ways to work making crafts with fabric.
Silk Painting design
Silk Painting design is a technique in which a dye or paint is applied to the silk stretched on a frame, silk painting designs done in various ways, painting directly on the fabric with a brush and painted silk designs are made with the help of candles and other tools.
Many of the effects are created from silk painting, such as the effects of water and urea, water and salt or water and soda ash are sown up the fabric surface, the water effects are mixed colors tend to be more beautiful and natural.

Batik is a sub kategory Design painting, batik is a technique where melted wax is heated and then poured with the applicator brush or canting which serves to hold the fabric to the dye or paint is applied after the wax.

Marble is a technique in which paint is poured onto the surface of the water until the paint is floating, the motion of water will form a natural effect of the dye. The colors are moving into the vortex to be seen as a design pattern, if the good effect is already visible then the fabric is placed onto the surface of the water, the dye that is above the water surface will move or absorb to the surface of the fabric so it looks design with marble effect. Marble effect technique is widely used for nail art.

Stamping is a printing technique manually, the process is like a rubber stamp, stamping difference using design patterns tend to be repetitive and continued.

Screen Printing
Screen Printing (also called Silk Screening) or screen printing, is a printing technique using a wooden frame shaped wire strainer. Ink is poured above the screen that has been patterned coloring pictures later suppressed.

Sunpainting is a natural technique that relies on the sun or other heating devices, the pattern on the fabric is placed in the condition of the fabric and the paint is wet, then placed in direct sunlight or under a lamp or dryer can also use a tool such as a hair dryer, After drying, the object removed so that the pattern will look imprint on the bottom to white.

Tie or tie dye  

is a way of dyeing cloth by binding or impede the course of ink and water using a rope or ribbon, once dry it will show part of the fabric with a contrasting color of fabric tied with cloth bound, how can staining with dyes or can also with a brush.

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