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22 November 2014

Trend concept used for this is freedom in fantasy but has a storyline. Fantasy in the highlight tends to look like a honesty, innocence, simplicity, even sadness and excitement, like a child who is engrossed in drawing, free, loose fit heart and emotions. Fantasy course for textile industry category shall be in accordance with the standard provisions of the existing graphic design. Inspiration design very unique yet attractive, to be presented at the Autumn Winter 2015-2016 season later.

Trend Reports,autumn winter,pattern design inspirations 2015-2016
Australian Ghost Bat @Jim Holyoak | Premiere Vision
Filled-in grounds
Highlighting the pattern  
Bringing out the subject, whether narrative, abstract, human, scary, sweet or nostalgic.

Decoration covers the whole surface
Whatever the subject, filling in with colours and motifs.

Profusion of elements
Combining different graphic styles, different references, different tools Drawing freely on techniques: 
swaths and meticulous details; engraving and scraping; hyper-detailed motifs and stylised shapes.

KIDS CORNER  Telling tales 
With large swaths, naive patterns, subjects from myths and fairy tales. 

Trend Reports, Autumn Winter 2015 -2016, Design Inspirations

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