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10 June 2012

    Many ways to create a design, especially to create a textile design. As a provision to facilitate this process is that we must know the art of design, love the art design, studied art design, and also assume that the art of design is the hobby. Various ways have been done by the designer in expressing their imagination and ideas.
as in the manufacturing process for textile design, ranging from the traditional design techniques to use with the help of computer design techniques.

The existence of computer technology to design art designer was very helpful lot, though it does not mean traditional design will be forgotten, even if we can combine the traditional techniques and computer techniques, the design will look more unique and flexible.
In the development of computer design, making the design more frequent use the digitizer pen mouse, a tool that enhances when the need to create a design with a high level of complexity,
Experience using Digitizer Pen Mouse as when drawing on paper using a pencil.

Adept at using Digitizer pen will produce a design that suit your mood, convenience, efficiency, effective, and without waste.
But do you know a new way that is faster and more practical in the appeal using the Digitizer Pen.
Without having to use a tool that we can still make a design, and the results may be better, faster and more flexible .... I mean is by using Adobe Photoshop Brushes Plugin techniques.

As the text I quoted from a site that specialized in providing brushes plugin freebrush, he writes like this:
"... At present all the job easier by technology, especially for devices that can help designers, Adobe Photoshop Brushes Plugin is a solution to help get the job done more quickly and accurately. Sophistication of Adobe Photoshop can resolve the problems often faced by designers. Ages of the past to create an image of interest should always use mousepen or pen digitizer, now is not a must, as a Brush Photoshop Plugin, allshapes and desired design character has available.
Can be used for all Textile Designers and Designers Graphis....".Freebrush 

This site provides easy to create a Textile design, many types of brushes that can be downloaded for free.Such as:

Flowers Brushes,Brushes Geometric, Abstract Brushes, Black & White Brushes,Brushes Decoration, Batik Brushes,Ornament Brushes, Brushes Composition Design,Outline Brushes,Motif Combination Brushes, Brushes are provided for Textile Design, Graphis Design, Website Design, Advertising Design, or Other Creative Product Design.

In this post I attach some design examples are made ​​using brushes plugin.

Source Info Taken From Freebrush >> http://www.freebrush.blogspot.com

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How to Make Textile Design with ease

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