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28 August 2011

How to find ideas to serve as the theme of making art design for textiles or other industrial products.
Do not worry about it ...... look around us ... wherever we are ...
home.... in the streets... in the garden... in the forest... on the river ... the sea ...in the middle of the desert ...or in the sky .....and many other places that we can make as a source of ideas in creating art and design, every corner of our exploration of the smallest can be designed with a high artistic taste we will get millions and even infinite. Ability and creativity are very influential in this process, viewpoint-lighting-time-and the atmosphere needs to be calculated, immediately capture all that we find in the most simple, such as:
memory in the head, pencil and paper, cameras in phones with 1.3 mengapixel lowest resolution, higher resolution will certainly be better to produce a sharper appearance and detail is perfect.
As some examples of the photos below.

ink | Gabriel Vormstein | Haw Lin | Anne Devries
Anatoly Zenkov | Bless | Keith Tyson | Denise Kupferschmidt 
Printsource Printsource

It's the end of Summer and that means the beginning of hurricane season. With Irene slowly making her way up the Eastern Coast, our minds turn to waves as a source of inspiration.

Allah SWT | Ibu & Ayah Tercinta | edpeny | Arni SH | Vera Imaniardi.s | Adinda AS | BKC
   Art Design Source.Bandung,Indonesia-2011
edpeny Art design

edpeny spare time to capture the source of inspiration comes from nearest place around her house, all the original inspiration came from God - Allah SWT.
Next, look at the original source that has been through the process of modification using Adobe Photoshop, such as design examples below.

Hopefully this article can inspire our work as creators of the art design that is always grateful to the universe.
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adiwa said...

good article, thanks for sharing

edpeny Art design said...

Hi Adiwa,..thanks for coming and your opinion...
I wait for your next visit.


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