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14 September 2011

talk about art

Art can be defined as something that is appropriate or inappropriate, uncomfortable or unpleasant,  good or bad, art can also be a means to convey a sense, stories, imagination, personality, experience.

Art became a means of realizing the imagination and feelings into a tangible form of aesthetic appearance.

Art will be more enjoyable if it is realized through the process of designing, structuring, processing, or arrangement.
Millions of even an infinite number of types and kinds of performance art can we meet in life, art can be a sound, form, movement, color, taste, or arrangement....

Art can be a means of interaction with the environment, sharing spiritual experiences with many people without having to know each other.

Art synonymous with beauty, but now the notion of "beauty" itself is becoming very wide and varied.

As the times, the presumption "beautiful" and even tends to change the meaning that art should not look beautiful.

Now the meaning of art is more to the emotional honesty and intellectual exploration of the experience that comes to life and fantasy.

Sometimes only a cursory as spills, splashes, or scratches spontaneity without meaning and significance.
But behind it all is very much a story and a very interesting meaning.

We need to know that art is never separated from our daily lives, human beings as created by the mind has more ability than the other creatures of His creation, man designing the function and beauty into one amazing combination, as the obligation to cover something that is taboo and also as a form of social interaction culture, because then people can live in mutual respect, appreciate and certainly distinguishes man from other creatures.

Human activities interact with each other, make contact, and mingle with other human demands more art involved in it.
Art in the association, in speaking of art, the art of how to dress and art in other activities.

Differences in how humans use the emotional and intellectual in the association are not directly put a man into status and certain groups. Although not expressed verbally or in writing but this concrete nature, and this happens in everyday life.

 As a simple example "A person who uses his time in front of the mirror for hours, arrange, manage well and beautiful as possible from head to toe, customize clothing with makeup and other accessories complement, with the goal of family fun and also to look more appropriate in the community association.
This is exactly the same as an artist painter who was working on a painting.
The only difference is the media, but the source remains the same exploration.

Consistency way of everyday life, will not be much different from the works of art in creating it, be it manifested into works of painting, dance, vocal, theater, or other artistic works.

Basically the art is:
" Interaction of human spiritual journey with the universe through the media and the senses ".

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